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Damage Deluxe 2012

Lisa Deluxe Lederberg 2012

Lisa Deluxe Lederberg  is an overly confident, creatively crazed life coach for women. She is a lyrically sharp Mistress of Ceremonies, ready to take you on a journey of self-discovery and female empowerment with a style that puts audiences on the edge of their seats. Whether you are a woman who runs with the wolves or a gym junkie looking for life after circuit training, Lisa will take you with her all the way to the top. Beware, when she crashes, you won’t be spared. You will find yourself spiralling to the depths of madness with her – only to rise again and take on the world.

Catherines Consort. Performance Installation at Pipemakers Park May 2010

Catherine’s Consort  is the tale of a woman who has done more than just ride horses with Catherine the Great. She is the stable girl, she tethers the mares and holds the reins of the stallions for Catherine. Her love for Catherine is unfaltering and eternal. Engaged by the Consort’s declarations of love, mad outbursts, obsession with seasonal fruit, and intricate sewing of her own heart, this installation offers the audience the opportunity to join her as she sits at the edge of life willing to take the fall for Catherine’s most obscene corruptions.

Miss Havisham is a durational performance installation I enact which sees an old withering spinster sitting, wearing her wedding gown like the lining of her coffin. “Come closer, come nearer. Are you afraid of a woman who has never seen the sun since before you were born?” Miss Havisham of Great Expectations by Charles Dicken’s is the jilted bride, the ageing spinster destined, to sit at her wedding banquet table until death takes her into it’s warm fold. She wishes for the company of children, yes children to play for her… “Sometimes I have sick fancies, and I have a sick fancy to see some play. So play, play!” And so she sits, brooding over her broken heart, seeking the joy of a child playing to amuse her cold and calloused heart.

URGE was a durational performance installation which explored the abject in art. For 3 hours as a performer I roamed an open gallery where the audience were central to the work and able to come, go, walk around as they wished. The work had a number of mulit-media components including video art and interactive video/soundscape where the audience where able to play a video game and manipulate the sound and images in the space. The performance was a cycle of slow methodical actions of a woman who had her audience inhabit the inside of her mind. Each cycle she punctured her skin with a surgical needle before moving on to inhabit the space of lost love and the dissolving of her identity and entering the warmth of madness. The abject yet strangely sensual action of puncturing the skin was a way to challenge my performance body and offer the audience an opportunity to explore this with me.

Urge Performance Installation, 2006 at Victoria University Melbourne

Sargent Damage Human Rights Intervention, Melbourne 2010

Sargent Damage is a character of who appeared at a Human Rights action which was opposing with local council laws introduced in Melbourne, which were discriminatory against local indigenous people and local people who spend a lot of their time in public spaces. 2009-2010 saw the police powers of the Victorian police force increased to allow public searches and moving on powers just to name a few.

Onlookers were invited to assault Sargent Damage with soggy capsicums and tomatoes to avenge the crimes committed against them. Amazingly most of the those attending were unable to bring themselves to commit this act of violence regardless of the fact that it was a performance. Sargent Damage had no option but to prostrate herself at the feet of those honourable activists and beg forgiveness for the many sins committed against citizens by her and the force she represented.

Damage Deluxe. 2012

Damage Deluxe.

Damage Deluxe is a character I have worked on/with/through since 1996. She is a post apocalyptic cabaret diva, crazed revolutionary, woman on the edge of a knife. Damage Deluxe was born from the performance/digital media group Dysfunkt where she launched herself at the Darwin Fringe festival shocking the audience out of their seats and onto the dinner table with her. Committed to assaulting the senses of her onlookers, she entices, allures then subverts the gaze of her loving audience throwing everything back in their face with vengeance. In 2004 Damage Deluxe and 4 other talented women formed the Voodoo Trash Dolls where they achieved a punk marriage

Damage Deluxe, Balloon Fatality 2009

of performance art, cabaret and burlesque. During this time Damage Deluxe took her intelligent wit, cynical outlook and cutting tongue to become the infamous MC of their unique ‘Grotesque Burlesque’. She continued assaulting the stage with hard core knife shows, skin piercing body art and works that took the many possibilities of female sexuality and threw them violently and politically back at her voyeuristic audience. She continues to perform at cabaret/burlesque events for those who are game enough to stage her.