BIO: Lizzil Gay has been working as an multidisciplinary artist and researcher since 1992. She creates performance art, installation, video and site specific works focused a site for radical relational politics. Lizzil began their studies in Performance Studies and Sexual Politics in 1991 at the University of Melbourne. She graduated from Victoria University with First Class Honours in Performance and Multimedia in 2006. She is currently researching curatorial and collection practices and the capacity for activism within cultural institutions.

Lizzil has a PhD (Media and Communications) from RMIT Melbourne. Her doctoral thesis  Wounded bodies as sites of dissensus: Acts of resistance by detained people seeking asylum, and in the performance art of Mike Parr explores the philosophy of the pain as political and the body as a site of resistance.

CONTACT: If you would like to hook up for a creative conspiracy, chat art and politics or get my full CV just shoot me an email me at damagedeluxe (at), or connect via Instagram.

Select Publications:

Wounded bodies as sites of dissensus: Acts of resistance by detained people seeking asylum, and in the performance art of Mike Parr. 2019, Phd Thesis, RMIT University, Melbourne.

Surplus Bodies: Art, activism and dissensus in the performance art of Mike Parr. ‘AANZ 2018, Aesthetics, Politics & Histories’, December 2018, School of Art, RMIT University.

Art, Suffering and Complicity: The performance of the politics of exclusion in “Close the Concentration Camps” by Mike Parr. ‘Philosophies of Difference Seminar’, December 2017, RMIT University.

Displaced: Art and the politics of exclusion. ‘Researchers for Asylum Seekers Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Conference’, November 2015, University of Melbourne.

Selection of Creative Works:

2018    Broken and re-made, time stretches across my lives and my thighs piercing me with splendour,  by Casey Jenkins, body sewing, Pockmark Project, Liv_id, Melbourne and beyond.

2012    Back with A Vengeance, Voodoo Trash Dolls, performance, Regal Ballroom, Melbourne.

2012    Suspension of Stelarc, live piercing for suspension, Scott Liversey Gallery, Melbourne.

2011    Catherine the Great’s Consort, live art, Katherine Regional Arts Fringe Festival, Katherine.

2010    C’mon Mickey. I love you, performance/video installation, Donkey Wheelhouse, Melbourne. 

2010    Miss Havisham, performance installation at Future Art Research, Pipemaker’s Park.

2008    Do You Like 2 Wrestle, performance, Two Turtles Productions, Docklands, Melbourne.

2008    Dressed to Kill, performance art, Voodoo Trash Dolls, ABC Gallery, Collingwood.

2007    Knife Wreck, performance art, Midsumma Festival, Melbourne.

2006    Urge, performance/video installation, Victoria University, Melbourne.

2005    Grotesque Burlesque, Voodoo Trash Dolls, performance, Cherry Bomb Bar, Melbourne.

2005    Prospects, video art, VU Space, Melbourne.

2004 Audio Slutz, short film, SALA Festival Adelaide.

2000 Cyberotica Sideshow, performance, Darwin Fringe Festival.