BIO: Lizzil Gay has been working as a Melbourne based performance and video artist since 1992. She creates interdisciplinary works engaging with performance art, installation, video and site specific works. Lizzil began her studies in performance in 1991 at the University of Melbourne, then later graduated from Victoria University with First Class Honours in Performance and Multimedia in 2006.

Lizzil is a PhD candidate at RMIT in the Media and Communications department. Her research project Wounded Bodies: art, agency and activism. Exploring a politics of pain through the media and live art practices, will explore the philosophy of the communication of pain and the artist’s capacity to be a political voice/image for those whose suffering is suppressed.

Her most adventurous solo project ‘C’mon Mickey. I love you’- was a durational live art installation at Donkey Wheel House in Melbourne which explored grief and loss through expressions of live self-harm. Her creative works consider issues of depersonalisation and incarceration to explore the fragmentation of identity and the position of the self in society. Lizzil was one of the four founders of the Voodoo Trash Dolls in 2004. The Dolls unique and experimental blend of performance art, cabaret and burlesque culminated in their most notorious show ‘Dressed to Kill’ in December 2008 which was a noted success. She co-founded, alongside Mango Dysfunkt, the experimental performance group Dysfunkt Productions whose provocative and daring multi-media events toured nationally and internationally from 1996 until 2002. Prior to this she worked with a number of experimental groups including Tedium and Wild Lunch.

Lizzil is currently focusing on her PhD project and experimenting with the video element of her creative work.

CONTACT: If you would like to hook up for a creative conspiracy or get my full CV just shoot me an email me at