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Where burlesque meets performance art…

meets “Oh my God! I can’t believe she just did that! ” Yep, that’s right, the Voodoo Trash Dolls hit the stage last week after four years. As one who is not a fan of the current wave of burlesque, … Continue reading


Oh look! Another woman’s body is on the front page.

Today I was trawling the internet and I discovered Ralph Lauren may be plastering an apparently ‘plus sized’ model all over their season’s release. This isn’t some feminist revolution – it’s marketing. Once again the message that is being reinforced to … Continue reading

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Suspending Stelarc.

I had the amazing opportunity recently of assisting in the suspension of Stelarc. I was part of the small team who were asked to perform the insertion of the hooks into his skin and ready the artist for suspension. The … Continue reading

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Slice. Release.

It rises up. Falling down, seeping in, surrounding. Not willing to let up. Refusing to reconcile. Refusing to find a place to rest.  A muscle, an organ, a space somewhere inside. Anywhere.

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Not quite Live.

Oh yeah did I mention I am a performance artist, video artist, installation artist, critical thinker, activist. I call myself these things because it is what I do. Sometimes they become joined in the production of work, other times they … Continue reading


Not unlike my weird finger situation

Today upon entering the world of retail to get stuff for a show, I hit the Myer department store. As I hunted for ‘those stockings’, ‘that eye colour’ I found myself thinking only in facebook posts – my brain was … Continue reading


Naughts and Crosses

Some times I like to play Naughts and Crosses – I don’t always win – I can’t walk away from the game – I get pretty taken with the fascination of it – the sense of calm that sweeps over … Continue reading