my acknowledgement of country

‘i live, create and work on the sacred and sovereign lands of the people of the Woi wurrung and Boon wurrung language groups of the Kulin Nations. i acknowledge that the sovereignty of these lands has never been ceded and respectfully acknowledge their elder’s past, present and future becoming. i acknowledge the deep disrespect and brutality with which my ancestors illegally occupied the land of the Gunai Kurnai peoples on which i was born. i acknowledge that my sense of place and belonging is built on the struggle of dispossessed Aboriginal people and that i benefit from this as an occupier. i acknowledge and apologise for the continuing acts of colonial power, racism and violence which disregard the transgenerational trauma and pain of dispossession for Aboriginal people. i also acknowledge the Traditional Custodians and their Ancestors of all the lands and waters across Australia which i travel. i commit to being open and humble and always respecting the knowledge and wisdom of the first peoples of this land.’

this acknowledgement is a work in progress for me, as i’m not sure it really says what it should or i feel it should or others feel it should. it was inspired by the generous conversations and musings with Indigenous and non-indigenous people at the recent AAANZ conference. i now look to reflect on my position as an occupier of this place called ‘Australia’ in my art, writing and creative practice and this is a first step. 

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