C’mon Mickey. I love you.

Check out images from the show here.

In a bold new work, Lizzil Gay, the fiercely provocative artist with a reputation for literally surgically attaching her heart to her chest is set to immerse you in her latest live art installation. Self-styled surgeon who prefers the term puncture over pierce – her erotically charged performance art is not to be missed! During the Melbourne Fringe, Lizzil is transforming the basement of Donkey Wheel into an intimate installation space of love for Mickey and you. Post her a letter and she will sew your dreams to her heart with intricate surgical precision. Crooning love songs she will hold you as a gaseous cloud of madness descends and you realise you are never alone.

Dates: 23-26 September, Open for viewing between 6 and 9pm.

Book Now – Melbourne Fringe

“I seek harm to myself… busily provoking within myself the images… which can injure me and keep the wound open, feed it with images until another wound appears and produces a diversion.” Roland Barthes, A Lover’s discourse
Live body puncturing and/or cutting. Opening wounds, creating an image, creating wounds to create feeling, expression outside of language – that which cannot be said through language. The creation of my body as a site of artistic expression. Site specific rupturing of the skin on my body. Take the image of the wound away, add it to your own collection.

About Lizzil Gay

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