Eat Sh*t.

This weekend I did a gig at the Noise Bar in Melbourne. It was a fundraiser for ‘GECO’- a fabulous crew of activists saving the forests of East Gippsland. It was a punk gig and my executive HR Consultant character Ms Deluxe was called on to MC. She works for Sarina Russo Recruitment  specialising in work for the dole programs and monitoring peoples ‘volunteer work’. At the end of a busy night of organising ‘f*king ferals’ and introducing performers Ms Deluxe finally gets her tea break. She melts down, the performance artist within takes over and her executive boundaries peel away! Poor pet, lunch for an HR consultant is never easy. It was an excellent night with great bands and other great performers. I love it when the ‘band’ scene hands over a good hour for performance to happen instead of trying to stuff us in between bands amongst incredible amounts of sound equipment on a carpeted stage. Fabulous night and this character is pumped for a public intervention somewhere soon – so look out for it!

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2 Responses to Eat Sh*t.

  1. pye says:

    very cool. im sorry to have missed it..i WAS going to come see u especially but got all weird about real life interactions with humans. I heard some audience were gagging, like going to be in the well dressed business of Pfmce art!

  2. Lizzil Gay says:

    Thanks Pye. The suit is rather fabulous. But cold tin spaghetti is not fabulous.

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