But what of her life sir…

Well my child, she has worked hard to have a passport to many places, none however can she call her home. Each time she crosses a border she wears many disguises, she tastes the spices, she sees the sights, hears the stories and leaves still with no sense of where she should be. Through time she has come to call the uncertainty home, to thrive in the lack of belonging, to eat from a table that it is not hers.   Eventually she will be rooted out, exposed and punished accordingly. Indeed this has happened already when she crossed the border and called on the systems of a society to help her when she had no one else to turn to – they of course turned on her. They made certain she knew who she was, that she was not one of them, that she would never be one of them and that for her own good she should learn to just quietly sup from a table that she does not belong at. She has no where else to go.

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2 Responses to But what of her life sir…

  1. tony says:

    hi Lizle.. it is quite good to see your work put here without the diminishing effects of
    FB….ill set up a trrackback thing to mine… Does JP have a blog?
    I had an idea the other night and it is a dialogue that would suit a micro network far better than a mass network like FB or email exchanges….
    Here is the guts of it.. At times i have little thought themes going on in my head that i like to ruminate on.. This at times has been transposed into a FB thing that has generated little response save for anecdotal nothings that quickly dry up..
    However if you or anyone else is interested (Zoe comes to mind and so does JP) then we should link up respective blogs to exchange info. (this is the underlying premise of blogging by the way) if you do not link them in micro networks then there is no point having one. I mean darling, what is my motivation?
    In this particular case my reason to link with you or others is mostly a philosophical one. My thoughts, reactions and worldview are all put in stark relief when i get to thinking about some thing which has been posted on FB or other locations.
    Often my thoughts on these things move quickly away from the content of the actual article to personal ruminations. Why do i think like this? What area of philosophy, what writer would be relevant to this? If i posted an article and my thoughts related to it, my request to others in the micro network would not be an invitation to debate; but an invitation to give suggestions on books and writers who i could read to answer my questions.
    This is where it becomes important that the people who are part of this exchange are willing and capable to give thoughtful suggestions engaging with the inquiry rather than the taciturn, anecdotal and meaningless jokes that characterize the forums of facebook and other ‘hive’ sites.

    I will start this by posting a article on my blog with my reactions to it. this will give you an idea what i want to do…keep on eye out on it in the next few days. t

    • Lizzil Gay says:

      Yes this is exactly how I feel also. Perhaps the network would be smaller but I think more productive in engaging content. I think FB is a small talk thing, this blogging we can make an expansive talk tool. At the moment I am just popping some of my creative writing snippets up to get into the bloggin swing. I also wanted mine to act as a website too which is why I have this layout. Jp is johnpaulhussey.com and I think he would dig this networking too. Does Zoe have a blog? I look forward to reading your article. L x

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